Environmental policy

Our factory is located in a beautiful environment, in the forest near Igal. Our work is therefore is connected to a sense of responsibility of protecting our environment. At Pek-Snack, environmental awareness is an important goal not only at the level of words, but also at the level of actions.

Our company's headquarters and factory have their own wastewater pre-treatment plant, so we only supply treated wastewater to the community network. We collect hazardous, paper and metal waste separately. We also have our own hazardous waste storage and paper compacting equipment.

We clean our vehicle fleet exclusively in our own car wash, where the water cleaned by the oil separator and mud chambers are placed in an area densely planted with poplar trees and is thus being biologically cleaned. During production, the waste heat generated by the operation of the freezing system is also utilized for the production of hot water.

We try to put our environmentally conscious goals into action, so once a year all the employees of the company participate in an “environmentally conscious life” training. We also considered it necessary to operate our environmental management system according to the MSZ EN ISO 14001 standard.