The headquarter of Pek-Snack ltd. is in the outskirts of Igal, a city in Somogy county, Hungary, mostly known for its thermal water. Our company, as the largest employer of the area, had a direct role in Igal becoming a city.

We are constantly developing our factory – in 2021, a freezer-proofer and fully automated production line was installed, together totalling at HUF 1.1 billion. These two investments increased production capacity by 40%, further providing a high quality and innovative portfolio.

We provide stable, reliable and outstanding work opportunities in the Hungarian market. Our company currently has 350+ employees, and our franchise program provides income for thousands of households.

We provide our employees with regular raises and benefits, a beautiful work environment, and also hold team-building events. We operate free bus services for our employees in the following cities:

Kaposvár, Magyaratád, Ráksi, Igal, Somogyszil, Gadács, Lápafő, Nak, Várong, Büssü, Kazsok, Kisbárapáti, Bonnya, Szentgáloskér, Patalom, Magyaratád, Ráksi, Fiad, Somogyacsa, Somogydöröcske, Törökkoppány, Andocs, Karád, Nágocs, Zics (már meglévők), Dombóvár, Kapospula, Attala, Csoma, Szabadi, Nagyberki, Mosdós, Baté, Fonó, Kisgyalán, Andocs, Karád, Visz.

We are proud that our company still has a family-like atmosphere, just like when it originally started off.