,,Quality over everything else”

The reliable quality of our products is guaranteed by the Pek-Snack trade mark.

Quality is not only a goal for Pek-Snack, but also the most important asset. The operation of our whole company is characterized by focus on quality and reliable service.

Our products need to be compliant with many different factors: laws, regulations, consumer expectations and food safety rules.

n order to achieve the highest possible quality standards, we have introduced the IFS (International Food Safety) standard in our plant. Our employees work in accordance with properly regulated manufacturing and hygiene practices that fully comply with the law, as well as food safety and environmental regulations, so that our products can be consumed safely at all times and meet the needs of our customers. Our products are manufactured under well-defined conditions, undergo regular inspections, and as a last step pass through a metal detector before they can go to the warehouse. We ensure safe and legal production and delivery of our products with the help of the HACCP system.

Employees involved in the production process are involved in the discussions of quality-enhancing modifications and we make sure to evaluate their comments. We also help them with continuous training and evaluation of their experiences. Every employee is individually responsible for the responsible operation of the system.

We place great emphasis on continuous communication and establishing a close relationship with our consumers. In this way, we can be constantly informed about the needs and expectations of our customers. In order to ensure a reliable, high level of quality, we also regularly communicate with our franchise partners.

We set similarly high quality standards in the work of our suppliers and subcontractors. In order to achieve this, we provide constant supervision and opportunities for communication. To maintain constant innovation, we also involve our partners in the development of our products.