Our mission

Responsible companies are constantly striving to provide for the disadvantaged members of society to the best of their ability. Pek-Snack aims to be just that: we consider it extremely important to help and support those who live their lives in difficult circumstances.

We care about children especially, as their well-being is the responsibility of the adult society. For example, we regularly help the Károlyi István Children's Center in Fót, where 70 injured, disadvantaged and special need children live. Just like all of us, each little gesture is a huge gift to them. Thanks to our donations, they can also experience that caring can be sweet, and can add flavour to every day.

We also carry out a wide range of sponsorship activities for the benefit of children. Pek-Snack is the main sponsor of Hungary's only independent football team, the Mézga-Pek-Snack Fociovi-Focisuli Club in Kaposvár. Thanks to our support, 120 mostly disadvantaged children have the opportunity to play sports.

We also constantly try to help people in difficult situations with our fresh baked goods, for example through the Hungarian Red Cross or the Hungarian Food Bank Association, of which we are “Gold” supporters.

Those in trouble can count on us even in emergencies. During the pandemic, we were among the first to join the "Cook for the Heroes!" initiative: we delivered fresh pastries to Szent László Hospital in Budapest and to nearly 40 health care institutions as part of the “Feed the Doc” campaign.

A sense of social responsibility permeates our entire corporate culture, so in addition to our partners and consumers, we also pay special attention to our employees: our goal is to provide them with high quality working conditions, a pleasant atmosphere and above-average income. Our colleagues, who do not have a car are transported to and from work by our own bus service. 

We value human relationships within the company - we organize a variety of team building activities, for example “Majális”, which takes place each year, and also various corporate excursions.