Company history

1998Expert of frozen bakery products since

1999Present on the Croatian market since

2015Acquisition by Oriens in

2021Started expansion to Slovakia and BiH in 2021


Life is delicious!

Pek-Snack ltd. is one of the largest bakery franchises in Hungary and Central-Europe, offering a wide variety of fresh and tasty baked goods every day to our consumers.

The company has been producing frozen bakery products since 1998. Pek-Snack ltd. was originally a Hungarian-owned family business, and in 2015 it was acquired by Oriens, a financial investment group.

Production takes place in Somogy county, Igal, in one of the most modern bakery factories of Hungary. Our staff is made up of 350+ employees. The once 600 square meter factory since then has grown to 6000 square meters thanks to constant improvements. In 2021, due to a large investment, capacity was increased by an additional 40%. Our products can be found in 1800 bakeries countrywide.

We believe in constant innovation and development. We are always working on developing new flavours new products and also conquering new markets. Since 1999, Pek-Snack has been operating in Croatia, since 2021 in Slovakia and Bosnia-Herzegovina as well.

We are committed to our consumers and business partners, and as a result, we received SUPERBRANDS awards in 2010, 2011, 2012 and 2021. Our goal is to continue providing high quality and reliable service every day, while also delivering an ever renewing portfolio.


Zoltan NovakCEO


Dr. Tamás SzigediQuality Management Director

„Increasing customer satisfaction and achieving brand loyalty is extremely important for Pek-Snack. As a responsible company, we pay particular attention to using the finest ingredients, and performing regular quality checks before production. Satisfying our consumers' need for novelties, we continuously develop new products and flavors combining our expertise and best available industrial solutions.”

Charlotta Zsanett Skoba-PillerHR manager

„In addition to stability and predictability, we provide our employees with the best working conditions in the domestic market. We pay special attention to education and trainings. I consider it a great achievement that, in addition to continuous development, the familiar company culture that characterizes our operation today is the same as it was when the company was founded.”

József HajduLogistics manager

„It is important that the logistics department supports the day-to-day operations of the company with reliable tools, automated systems and a skilled workforce. Flexibility, adaptation, preparedness for unexpected situations - some qualities that characterize our approach.”

Gusztáv QuittnerCFO

„We must base our company's culture on continuous collaboration, development, and training. Where we will steer the ship is based on our ability to think together and find agreement - always with growth and modernization in mind.”

Zoltán MatskásiCMO

„The accurate understanding of consumer habits, mapping out changing needs, the optimization of product development, and the management of sales support are all essential for the successful operation of the marketing department. However, I consider the opportunity to communicate with our customers, and listen to their feedback and opinions the most important opportunity and responsibility. We shape the Pek-Snack brand together with them.”

Csaba UjváriCPO

„I believe that we must continuously develop, expand our capacities, exploit all possibilities, and grow the knowledge, experience and determination of our colleagues. Pek-Snack has faced many difficulties throughout its history, and we have managed to emerge victorious from every match. The challenges we face make us stronger and shape us into a real team.”